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Vitaderm is a result – driven range that combines the latest advances in gradient technology with skin nutrients to achieve maximum therapeutic benefits. The addition of Phyto extracts assists in addressing specific skin conditions to ensure a more radiant complexion. The advanced multi-active formulations incorporate state of the art ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glutathione, arbutin as well as protein peptides to actively renew the skin’s vitality. Safety in cosmetics is of paramount importance at Vitaderm. All ingredients that are suspected of being harmful, or irritating to the skin, have been excluded from the range.

Facials offered

  • Aromatic facial
  • Anti-oxidant facial
  • Purifying facial
  • Vitality booster facial
  • Advanced therapeutic facial
  • Hydro intensive facial
  • Lifting facial
  • Brightening facial

Vitaderm peels

Fruit acid peels (AHA) 

This blend of naturally-occurring fruit acids is highly effective as an exfoliation and skin boosting treatment. Ideally, this exfoliation is recommended 3 – 6 treatments. 

Lactic acid (AHA)

Lactic acid is a naturally- occurring acid that has the ability to revitalise the complexion. Ideally for pigmentation and performed 3 – 6 treatments.


This effective exfoliation incorporates a mild salicylic acid derivative. This addition of ultra- fine dissolving granules provide a gentle treatment, leaving the complexion ultra-smooth.Highly recommended for oily / congested skins .

What can I expect when having a peel treatment? 

Initially there might be a feeling of slight sensitivity, similar to mild sunburn. Later during the day, the skin might feel taut. Flaking may occur 2 – 5 days following a peel.

When is the best time to have

The best time of the year to have an AHA peel treatment is during autumn to end of winter, since fruit acid treatments and home care products can cause photo- sensitivity.

Intensive brightening treatment 

This is Vitaderm’s most active treatment facial, offering tightening and toning benefits, along with brightening effects. If you are searching for a skin care treatment that offers extra- ordinary results, then this is the ideal treatment. Although a high performance treatment, the intensive brightening treatment is well received by all skin types except ultra- sensitive and severely dehydrated complexions. The effectiveness of this treatment lies in the high concentration of actives, including Glutathione, a super antioxidant, Glutathione is well known for its flushing effects on excess pigment. Other ingredients include Arbutin (extracted from bearberry leaves) and Hyaluronic Acid (a natural component of young, healthy skin.)

To reinforce the brightening effect of this treatment, we recommend the use of Vitaderm’s Radian C serum and brightening treatments cream as part of home care routine. AHA gel will only be used during autumn and winter moths at night time.


Effective results:

  • Increased hydration 
  • Firming and toning effect 
  • Brightening effect 
  • Positive effect on collagen production 
  • Reduce melanin synthesis 
  • Evening out of skin tone 
  • Powerful anti-oxidant effect



Collagen Induction Therapy  

Collagen induction therapy is not a new concept. The treatment was originally devised by a doctor in Europe who made use of stamps containing micro needles to improve the appearance of scars. Later this concept evolved into using a roller with micro-needles attached to its surface. Although results were very encouraging, this collagen induction roller treatment presented certain limitations. Firstly, the needles depth was not adjustable and the depth of treatments was solely dependent on the therapist manual pressure whilst rolling the device over the skin. Secondly, the areas that typically require more focused attention, such as the upper lip and around the eyes, were hard to reach with the roller. Thirdly, although all collagen induction treatments make use of a numbing cream to increase clients comfort, the roller treatment was unnecessarily uncomfortable.


How does the pen differ from the roller? 

The collagen induction pen is a vast improvement on the roller system and is taking the skin care industry by storm. This anti-ageing treatment makes use of an automated pen with disposable micro- needles, thus preventing the risk of cross infection. The micro – needles penetrate the surface of the skin vertically, in rapid succession, without the characteristic ‘flick and tear ‘action of the roller system. Small areas of the roller system. Small areas, such as frown lines, can easily be reached with the pen and treatment depth may be adjusted to suit the requirements of the client.


How does C.I.T work? 

The penetration of the micro- needles into the epidermal layer of the skin creates numerous micro-injuries, stimulating the fibroblast cells to increase collagen production. Although results are visible within 10 days, the actual results only becomes apparent after approximately 90 days, since it takes around 3 months for the newly produced collagen fibres to mature. Upon maturation, these fibres shrink slightly, thereby creating the firmer, plumper appearance. When compared to other anti-ageing treatments such as filler injections, the advantage of the collagen induction pen treatment is that it activates the skins own self- repair mechanism, rather than having a foreign substance injected into the skin.


What are the after effects? 

Depending on the depth of the treatment selected, the after effect is similar to mild to moderate sunburn. With the correct after – care products the down time is limited to 6 – 12 hours. Sensitivity can be for up to 1-4 days depending on the depth of the treatment. During this time it is important to avoid the sun exposure. Preferably only apply make-up 12 hours after treatment. These Vitaderm retail products is very important for ultimate results and healing – Radian C serum, resurfacing balm, one moisturising cream and Spf 15.

Wesson therapeutic strives to supply products of the highest standard. Our formulation have been tried and tested over the past 19 years. Until recently, they have been made available to plastic surgeons. Are now also being made available to laser and skin care clinics. Wesson products are especially for sensitive and compromised skins.
Lashes – Volume Lashes
Is a practice that enhances the length, thickness and fullness to the natural eye lashes. I make use of volume (3D, 4D lashes) and single extensions in different lengths and thickness to the client’s desire. 

How to care for your eyelash extensions

Eyelash extension aftercare information 

The eyelash cycle is approximately four to eight not be alarmed if some of your lashes fall out quickly (they most likely were at the end of their cycle)

  • Your natural eyelashes should not get wet for a minimum of two hours, 48 hours would be ideal to allow the adhesive properly to bond to a dry eyelash.
  • Do not use regular or waterproof mascara. The ideal thing is to not use mascara. Most brands of mascara contain chemical properties and oils that will break down the adhesive. Removing mascara from lashes can cause the extensions to fall off.
  • Take special care around the eye area when cleaning your face. Gentle cleanse the eyes with Volume Lashes eye make-up remover and do not scrub or rub your eyes. Avoid any type of oil- based product around the eyes.
  • Never use a clamp style eyelash curler on your extensions. This can permanently damage not only the extensions but your natural eyelashes as well. Eyelash combs are great for grooming your lashes every day. 
  • Natural lash adhesives are cured by moisture, however, by avoiding extreme variation of heat, humidity and cold weather (hot showers, saunas, zero degree weather) your extensions can last longer. Normal activities like swimming can resume after appointment (48 hours)
  • If you are thinking of doing the lashes long term it is good to invest in Volume Lashes growth serum to maintain a good and healthy growth of your own natural lashes, will also increase the length and thickness.
  • Skin problems are very common today- polluted air and stresses of everyday life have their reactions on the condition of our skin. 
  • Sknlogic cosmeceuticals skin care aims to provide a skin care solution that works with the skins biological processes to achieve visible results. 
  • Sknlogic has a synergistic approach to science and nature, offering powerful formulas with optimal concentrations of active ingredients to actively improve the health and appearance of the skin from underneath the skin. 
  • Sknlogic does not contain parabens, mineral oil, formaldehyde, glycols, artificial colorants or sulphates.
Lilian Terry International
In 1996, Lilian Terry International researched and developed a natural product range based on the synergy of homeopathy and aromatherapy. All pre-blended massage oils contain homeopathic remedies, superior grade essential oils and pure cold pressed carrier oils. They contain no artificial fragrance or colouring agents and are not tested on animals. Apart from the therapeutic and preventative uses of the products they also give excellent cosmetic results by improving elasticity, firmness, and hydration of the skin. We have a wide result orientated range of products specifically designed to suit your needs.



Benefits of homeopathic aromatherapy: 

  • Improve blood circulation – helps promote cell growth, more equipped to handle stressed situations, benefits the heart and muscles and more. 
  • Assists in lymphatic drainage – detoxification, regeneration of tissue, drain fluids, filter out toxins and foreign substances, and maintain a healthy immune system. 
  • Increase oxygen supply to the tissue –  increase the development of cells and energy of cells.
  • Stimulates the immune system.
  • Create a powerful anti-aging effect.
Galvanic and High-frequency machine



It is used to facilitate deep pore cleansing, to emulsify sebum, removing surface oiliness, blockage and helping to regulate secretion. Increase blood



Penetrates the nutrients and active ingredients in the gels deeper into the skin, will provide faster and more effective results. Improve hydration and moisture, firms and tightens the skin and lightens pigmentation. 



High-frequency help treat and prevent the following:

  • Stubborn acne 
  • Shrink enlarged pores 
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Decongest puffy eyes and reduce dark circles 
  • Produce ozone that destroys bacteria on the skin – dry the skin and help heal pustules 
  • Increase circulation 
  • Encourage desquamation – your skins natural way of shedding dead skin cells 
  • Improve skin colour 
  • Stimulate cell renewal 
  • Stimulate fresh nutrients to the surface of the skin and eliminates waste.
Cirepil – Waxing

How doest it work?

Unlike traditional methods of waxing , cirephil sticks to the hair rather that the skin, reducing the pain of waxing by 50 %. Cirephil wax encapsulates the hair, removing it from the root while leaving the skin undamaged. When the integrity of the skin is uncompromised, there is reduced inflammation, redness and down time for the client. Will also reduce ingrown hair or you will have none.

Epilfree is a scientifically developed natural product that provides a simple and effective solution for hair reduction that lasts. Lasting hair reduction without laser or any side effects. No limitations for all skin tones and hair colours, all ages - if you can wax, you can do the treatment.

Where did Epilfree originate from? 

Epilfree was created in 2008 by Yoel Konis, a PhD in cosmetic chemistry. He used the intelligence of plant and herb extracts like Lady’s Mantle to slow down the hair growth process on a permanent level. 

Because the epilfree solution works on an empty hair follicle at the dermal layer of the skin, it is effective no matter what skin or hair type it is. 

Epilfree works and stunt the cell division process thus slowing down the growth process 

You will need 10 - 12 treatments depending on area and hair growth. If the hair is because of hormonal reasons or facial hair need  up too 12 - 18 treatments. Treatments are 4 - 6 weeks apart. 

It works in 3 simple steps. 

1 - will wax the area that we are treating 

2 - epil free activater , opens up the follicle of the hair to maximum for penetration of product. 

3 - epil free toner , actual treatment - slows down the growth of the hair and nourishment for the hair resulting in reduction of hair growth and eventually no more hair growth. 

Bio Sculpture & OPI
Bio Sculpture is the original curable gel nail system, the only nail system with a 5-star safety rating, 100% vegan and proudly South African. Bio Sculpture is the healthy alternative in nail care, free of any harmful chemicals and no excessive buffing or primers.

OPI was founded in 1981 and is a family owned company. OPI has won SA nail brand of the year numerous times and is one of the most known nail brands.
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